Care Transition Coaching is a model designed to:

  • Transfer Skills
  • Build a patients/caregivers confidence
  • Provide tools to support self-management
  • The Goal is to empower you to assert a more active role during care transitions and develop lasting self-management skills.

9 facts about Resource Coaching:

  1. There is no cost to you
  2. Coaches do not interfere with your Doctor/patient relationship
  3. Coaches do not practice clinical medicine or direct care
  4. Coaches DO empower you to take control of your health care
  5. Coaches can assist you and/or your loved one with your medication reconciliation
  6. Coaches are trained professionals
  7. Coaches will visit selected patients in the hospital and follow-up in the home (not to give direct care) and several phone contacts over a 4 week period.
  8. Coaches assist patients with transitions across care settings
  9. Coaches are assigned to patients with high risk for readmissions.